We offer a wide variety of services for your PC, typically at flat rates. When you bring your computer in, we will first look over the computer, run basic diagnostics on the computer, try to reproduce the problem you are having, and build a quote based upon what problems we find.

Virus Cleanup

$150.00 We will thoroughly examine your computer and remove virus infections, repair the damage done by the infection, and repair windows system files. We will also take out unneeded programs and services, defragment the hard drive, clean up temporary files, install updates to system software, physically inspect the computer, clean out dust from the machine, and test the machine to make sure it's running smoothly and reliably.

Data Recovery

$250.00 We will attempt to scan for and recover files from your hard drive. Although, we cannot guarantee we can recover your data, we will try all reasonable means to get the data from your hard drive.

Off-site Data Backup

Price Varies We offer 10GB, 20GB, 50GB and 150GB backup packages. You just bring us the machine and sign up for the package you want, and we set it up on your computer. The software will work on Windows XP/Vista/7, Linux, and Mac OSX. The software allows you to backup and restore a file any time you need it. It also includes versioning, which lets you have different versions of the same file just in case you need a previous revision. Encryption is included for securing the privacy of your data.


$100.00 We will speed up the computer by removing unneeded files, services, and start-up programs. We will also defragment the hard drive, check the hard drive for errors, physically inspect the computer for problems and physically clean the computer.

Hardware and Software Upgrades

Price Varies From upgrading memory to replacing your DVD drive, we can do it. Just bring the computer by for a quote.

Custom Built Desktop Computers

Price Varies We can build a custom computer that will be more powerful than what big-box stores offer and does NOT include the limited trial programs and junk that they typically include. Base system starts at $650.00.

Other Services

$50.00 per hour This is our hourly rate for other services. All prices are subject to change without notice. Listed pricing is based on typical problems and may change if the repair is more complex, the computer has special software/hardware, or due to other factors. Pricing does not include cost of hardware or software.