Online Backup

We are now offering a convenient way for you to backup your data in our data center. All you need to do is bring your computer to us, and we will install the software and take an initial backup. From there, we can set it up on a schedule to back up when you're not using your computer, or you can hit the backup button at your convenience.

Our data center is located within locked and secured, steel-reinforced concrete walls, protecting data from both weather and physical danger from unauthorized intruders. The data center is also equipped with a backup power generator in case of blackouts or brownouts. We monitor and support our servers 24/7 to ensure our services are up and working. We also provide multiple layers of network security so that your data is secure.

We offer month-to-month pricing and annual contracts. Paying annually saves you money and is the best value overall.


GB of Data Pricing Per Month Setup Fee/First Month Annual Cost (month-to-month) Annual Cost (annual contract)
10GB $24.99 $54.98 $324.87 $295.00
20GB $45.99 $75.98 $581.87 $525.00
50GB $75.99 $105.98 $941.87 $835.00
150GB $149.99 $179.98 $1,829.87 $1,625.00

Additional 10GB (after 150gb): $9.99

If you sign up for an annual contract, you get a free computer check-up at renewal!!!